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The infinite play with the universe, an eternal  production, the never-ending story line of adventure, comedy and drama. We are hoping to eliminate most tragedy from the script and most of the suffering. The infinite play is a collection of discernments, wisdoms, insights, intelligence and the evolution of understanding. It has a number of themes that were already established by the Memetic Alchemist between 1991 - 2013 that it builds on.

The Infinite Play is a movie, documentary, book, soundtrack and of course a play and a game. It is much more than this but some things cannot be told they must be found. Be sure to get the book the characters in the movie / documentary are talking about.

Infinite Play is a movie about a documentary and a documentary about a movie. Infinite Play the Movie appears in Twitter the Movie as a major focus of some of the characters attempting to discern the truth behind it, it's influence on human affairs, exploring it's esoteric nature and link to some of the great mysteries of life and major revelations. Some argue Twitter the Movie appears in Infinite Play the Movie. Both may be correct.

The Infinite Play is about infinite games and finite games and the infinite players and finite players. Those that are connected to the source and those that are still disconnected.

One must understand the concepts, themes, characters, groups, associated web sites, tools, levels of awareness and powers (knowledge) in order to play. The playing field is planet earth. The first part of the mystery is exactly how does one play? It could eventually lead to the True Holy Grail and The Trinity.

The infinite play contains both the infinite game where there is no winner or loser, and the game is not subject to limitation, and the finite games, which may have winners and losers, and is subject to limitations. Finite players never play infinite games because they are unaware yet infinite players can play finite games.

The goal is move through the levels of play to become the Infinite Player, one endowed with the power of infinite creation. And then finding and connecting with the other infinite players on the planet.

One can purchase a disproportionate advantage, the key, providing essential insights, foreknowledge of events, and advance knowledge. The initial proceeds from key purchases are used in launching and supporting the game. The key also increases your chance of actually being in the movie, the feature presentation.

Know that having reached this site you are in the game, and have a placeholder, a piece, on the playing field, one that blends with reality, a blend of fact and fiction resolved as which (truth or fiction), by a discerning mind. There is no turning back now.

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